Images are such an important ingredient for a successful website - Photography and branding are what creates the first impression for visitors to your site so it's vital that these are as good as they can be.  

You may well have some fantastic imagery already, which is great. Maybe you're just starting out or need to refresh the images you already have. Snapping away with your mobile phone may do the trick, but it's unlikely.

It just so happens that I have been a professional photographer for the last 14 years and have plenty of experience. For shots of yourself and your colleagues I much prefer the "environmental" relaxed type images where you are in situ, perhaps at a desk or in a meeting situation - it's entirely up to you. If you're after photographs of your business and the products you sell I can help too.

Perhaps you'd like generic scenic shots on your site - I can provide a wide range, royalty free.

An hourly rate of £70 is charged and all digital copies will be yours to print copy and share in the future as you wish.

All photography shown on this site were taken by me.